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15 years of experience in Home Inspection, Real Estate Investment, Property Management, and Construction Renovations.

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Experts In Home Inspection

Buying a home is one of the most important steps in life. 

An inspection aims to diagnose any major defects which can affect the value of a building and also identify any safety concerns.

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A professional home inspector examines, investigates and provides information by use of  extensive measurements and instruments by testing, calculating and other means to give a clear picture of the property.


  • Fixing issue before buying, solving future problems and preventing future cost and delay. 

  • Having the most informed buying decision possible. 

  • Leverage for negotiation.


The pre-purchase inspection of the desired property is an essential step in a real estate transaction. Our pre-purchase inspection service is not only intended to notify you of defects in it, but also to inform you about the overall condition of the premises and to protect you during this important investment. Find out in these lines why it is essential to have a pre-purchase inspection performed by a certified inspector before making such an important decision. 




Even new, a property must be inspected by a certified professional! They can thus identify apparent defects in the house and record the work to be corrected or completed.

When you take possession of a property, you are considered to have knowledge of the defects in the building and therefore assume the risks. Indeed, it is your responsibility to inspect the premises, or to have a pre-purchase inspection carried out before taking possession of it, and to ensure that the building is to your complete satisfaction. The mandate of an inspector who performs a pre-purchase inspection is to locate and identify all visible defects that may decrease the use and value of the property. The pre-purchase inspection report, obtained following this, protects you by informing you of these defects and thereby proves that you have tried by all means to identify the deficiencies of the property before the purchase.


There is a pre-established list of items to be examined during the pre-purchase inspection. This list covers all aspects of the new home. On the other hand, we must not observe everything, we must see everything. It can be difficult to conduct a pre-purchase inspection objectively when we are anxious to take possession of our residential property, but the pre-purchase inspection step is arguably the most important step in protecting you. Indeed, it is at this precise moment that you must mention to the builder the work to be completed and the defects to be corrected. 

Why employ a certified professional inspector? In addition to inspecting the property, the certified home inspector will explain the operation of the structure, give you a variety of tips, so you can easily maintain it, and provide you with a complete report. In the latter, you will find all the relevant information about the property. You will be able to clearly indicate to the builder the work to be completed and the faults to be corrected before taking possession of or selling your property. 


Why pay for a presale inspection for a residential property that you will no longer own? Because the presale inspection protects you and maximizes your chances of selling quickly and at a fair price. By choosing our presale inspection service, you greatly reduce the risk of an offer to purchase being canceled by the buyer due to an unknown discovery. Since the potential buyer will certainly use a home inspector to perform a pre-purchase inspection, don't be surprised by the unexpected findings and contact the experts at Inspector Realty now!




When listing your residential property, you most certainly want a quick and affordable sale. In this case, having recourse to a presale inspection service is essential. The purpose of this is to inform you about the overall condition of your residential property and to identify gaps that could reduce its use and value. Our certified home inspectors will be able to enlighten you on the condition of your property and give you advice on what should be done. We take the time and care to thoroughly examine your residential property and to clearly explain its defects to you and the work you could do before it is put up for sale.




The presale inspection and the work you will perform will allow you to be transparent with the buyer and thus avoid certain unfortunate situations because a defect which has been brought to the latter's attention cannot be considered as a hidden defect. Since you will have taken the time to inform him. In addition, our presale inspection service includes the delivery of a report, including a variety of information about the residential property. The latter can therefore greatly help you complete the seller's declaration with the most exact details possible.

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