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Healing Hours:

Due to the current situation all services are made by appointment only. Please call to arrange home, office or clinic visits. Thank you and be well! 

New Patient?


Dr Jason Golec

Health & Healing

Chiropractic is not a magic pill but a vehicle in allowing optimal health.  What you eat, think and do play a critical role in your own health.  We can help you easily identify resolutions to optimize your health.

Some treatments or therapies are best done before and some after activity.  New to activities? Let's discuss it and make sure you're doing it right! 

Clinic Services:
  • Examinations Include:

Condition history, Range of Motion, Orthopedic & Neurological exam with an immediate report of findings. If we decide to continue, a SAME DAY adjustment and ALL correlating therapies will be included.

  • Adjustments
  • Additional Therapy:
  • Joint Motioning

  • Stretching

  • Nerve Tracing

  • Active Trigger Points

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Going the Extra Mile for quick relief of life's pains!

Home visits are an option! Don't hesitate to call!
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