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This is one of the most dynamic, colorful, and creative websites that you will find! The site features an order form where clients can upload photos and make a payment for AI images as well as a shop where clients can purchase merchandise such as shirts and hats. The shop is an integration of a third-party site that is the manufacturer of the products. This site has lots of animation and fun extras to keep visitors engaged. 

This is the second site that I made for the same client as above, which showcases his professional portfolio. This particular site is sleek, visually appealing, and flows nicely from section to section and page to page. This site utilizes anchors and an anchor menu to facilitate that flow. It's a great example of how much you can do with only 3 pages. 

I created this site for a scuba diving center in Cozumel, and it is set up so that visitors can make reservations for their services and make payments online. The dashboard of the site allows managers to keep track of all reservations, and sales and comes with marketing tools. Within 24 hours, the site had already made its first online sale!  

This is the second site that I made for the same client as above, and as you can see, we kept the same branding theme. It has all the same features in regards to the dashboard and reservation system. Additionally, there is an interactive FAQ page that allows visitors to see only the answers that pertain to them, allowing the page to remain simple and not overwhelming with too much text. The owner and manager can manage both sites using the WIX mobile app! 

This is the perfect example of a website for a small to medium-sized hotel, vacation rental, villa, etc. The site is set up to take reservations with various options for payment and is connected to a channel management plug-in. The site has an "Calendar" page where visitors can buy tickets or RSVP to events, while the site manager has control of space limitations, payment options, and marketing tools to promote the events. 

This is one of my favorite websites as it is simple yet very eye-catching and beautiful, with a soothing color palette that reflects the vibe of the subject matter. Because the client is Russian, she requested that I create clear and concise text in English for the site.  

The website for Yadu Products is a standard 8-page informational site. It features colorful and exciting images as well as a very well-made video. The site is in English as well as Spanish, and set to the user's browser as to which language presents first. 

This site was created for a local author to showcase and sell his books. My favorite features are the dynamic backgrounds, interesting page transitions, and exciting animations. Because this site is a free Wix plan, the site does not have a personalized domain. To connect a personalized domain you need to upgrade to a paid plan. 

This is an example of a "monster site"! This site was made for a travel agency located here in the Riviera Maya of Mexico that offers services in tourism, a reservation / booking platform and the blog that showcases my work in content writing. The site was created to be able to switch from English or Spanish. It has a premium Wix plan with many premium features such as connecting a personalized domain, booking platform and payment options for the client. A bonus feature of the site lets clients create a login account to save their info for ease of use. 

Dreams for Mayan Children is a non-profit organization that not only I made the site for but am also very involved with. This is another site that I do content writing for as I take part in the events and activities. This another website that has fun animated illustrations and colorful graphics. It is a premium plan Wix site that is bilingual, has a personalized domain that was transferred from GoDaddy and offers the user a login account option. 

This is the second website that I have made for this client. Michelle Leslie is an author and speaker reaching people from the far corners of the world. The website features a searchable database of names and links as she has personalized books listed for sale on Amazon. I really like the animations and interactive elements of the site. I set up the blog section so that she can manage her own posts. 

The Casa Parusha is a beautiful villa in the heart of Tulum, Mexico. The link will take you to the preliminary/ working copy of the site. It is to be used as an example of a site that can be built for rental properties and features a booking platform / calendar. This template is beautiful, dynamic yet simple. To finish this site and activate the reservation system it needs to have the paid premium plan. 

This website was built for a chiropractor that is located in Colorado, United States. It had a premium plan, personalized domain, and unlimited contact form submissions. One of my favorite features of this site is the color scheme. It is simple, clean, yet very visually pleasing to view. Definitely not boring, just like the owner! 

This site, as of today, is 99% finished and waiting for the upgrade to the premium plan so that it can be connected to its personalized domain. It is being created for a local doctor of Playa del Carmen and since he is bilingual, his website is too! Just like a doctor's office it is clean, simple and informative. 

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This website is simple, clean yet exciting because it is featured in English, Spanish, AND French! The site is four pages, however, it is full of valuable information. Inspector Realty is a local business in Playa del Carmen that is owned by a fellow expat. It is such a pleasure to be able to help create the tools and assist a fellow expat fulfill their dreams! 

Level Up Services was a cleaning and construction business here in Playa del Carmen, however due to Covid-19. like many other businesses, it has been put on hold. You can still visit the site to check it out even though it is not on a personalized domain. Notice the welcome pop-up window, homepage anchor menu, and sleek design. 

This is the perfect example of a retail business website. It is a premium Wix site with all the features you need!

You can add products to a shopping cart and checkout online. The clients can create a secure account and login to make it easier for the next purchase, excellent for frequent customers. I can set this type of site up for you to manage on your own or you can hire me to manage the website for you! 

Imagine your site here!

When I start with a new client I take the time to get to know you, your business, and your goals. I want to know your budget and from there we can make a plan. I don't just give you a price and that's it. I can offer flexible payment plans if your budget is tight, and we can always keep building as you and/or your business grows. I still work with the same clients from 2016, and you can always count on having my support! Take note that on the footer of each of the above sites it says "Media Mar". 

Below are some examples of the very first websites that I created in 2016 when I was part of The High Media team (as listed on my resume). These sites were created completely using HTML code and Dreamweaver. Since that is pretty much outdated now they are no longer online to be seen in their full glory. You'll have to take my word for it. They are from top-left to right: Travel Buddy Mexico - Tours and Activities in the Riviera Maya. Royal High Life Tattoo - Local tattoo shop. Riviera Tours - Local tours by local guides. SelvaMaya - Zip line and adventure park. 

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